[The Warren] Chiarimenti vari sulle regole e sul gioco

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[The Warren] Chiarimenti vari sulle regole e sul gioco

Messaggioda Daniele Di Rubbo » 07/02/2017, 17:52

Vi linko qua sotto un paio di post pieni di chiarimenti su The Warren.

Se avete intenzione di giocarci, vi conviene leggerli.

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Re: [The Warren] Chiarimenti vari sulle regole e sul gioco

Messaggioda Bratt » 08/02/2017, 12:23

Grazie per la condivisione, Daniele!
Possiamo copiare qui in forma estesa i due thread da te linkati - mantenendo il link - se sei d'accordo!

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Re: [The Warren] Chiarimenti vari sulle regole e sul gioco

Messaggioda Daniele Di Rubbo » 08/02/2017, 12:51

Va bene. Anzi, provo a vedere se il BB code si può copiare così com’è.

Edit: Ho dovuto rimaneggiarlo un po’, siccome non mi prendeva alcuni tag, ma il testo c’è tutto (anche se non si capisce bene chi dica cosa). ;-)
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Re: [The Warren] Chiarimenti vari sulle regole e sul gioco

Messaggioda Daniele Di Rubbo » 08/02/2017, 12:59

Questa discussione riporta semplicemente una domanda fatta a Marshall Miller sul funzionamento della mossa Circles of Life (nell’edizione italiana Cerchio della Vita) nella community Google+ dedicata a The Warren.

* * *

Yesterday night, I was playing The Warren with some friends. We were creating our hares (since we were playing the World of Borealis Wood – let me say it is really evocative!) and my fellow player Alberto Tronchi was interested in the character move Circles of Life (p. 94), which says:

Circles of Life

The fight for survival makes for some strange bedfellows. When you first use this move, choose another type of animal with which you have history and rapport.

We had some questions about how to interpret the single parts of this move.

  • Does the player have to choose a type of animal or a single animal?[/li]

i.e. is it “wolves (in general)” or “Fang, the wolf of the far away wood”?

  • Who is the player in charge to say which was the history and the kind of rapport with the other animal(s)?[/li]

In my opinion, it is the player of the character who has the move, but we were not sure of it as a group.

* * *

Choose the type – you may have a specific animal that you have particular rapport with but you've also got a link to or knowledge of their community. You know about them and which names to drop. Ask the character about it.

Two of the ways I see this move playing out are:
  1. Take the move to add some setting details. “Did you know that this lake wasn't always here? On the far side, there's a clan of beavers - I holed up with them during a snow storm last year.”[/li]
  2. Wait to trigger the move in response to an animal the GM has introduced. “As the fox closes, I say in my bravest voice, ‘You could eat me now but know this - I once led a hunter away from a fox named Redtip and he owes me his life. If you spare me, he'll owe you.’”[/li]

* * *

Questo è un post-fiume che riporta tutta una serie di domande e risposte fatte all’autore e al curatore di The Warren. Qui c’è tanta ciccia sul gioco e ho cercato di togliere le parti inutili (saluti, ringraziamenti, ecc.) per rendere il tutto più fruibile.

È molto interessante anche perché le risposte sono chiare e ti dicono cosa fare: non c’è spazio per il “fai come faresti” che, francamente, ha anche un po’ rotto le scatole.

* * *

On p. 28 it is written:

Some Character moves will even allow you to increase your stats; however, stats can never go above +3.

but, actually, in the game there is no character move which allows to increase any stat.

Did this remain unchanged from a previous version of the rules or did I miss something?

Character moves were refined as we went along, and some of them may have lost their stat bonuses. That said, new moves are always possible, and this general rule (which is mechanically important for the 2D6 system) exists for those cases. Still, it should probably say "some character moves may even allow".

Yeah, at one point we removed a number of stat boost moves because they were kind of boring and we wanted to keep things fiction-focused.

* * *

What does happen if more than one rabbit helps/hinders another one? Does each of them roll the move? Do the possible +/-1s stack with each other?

I remember that in Apocalypse World more than one character can roll to help/hinder another one, but there the bonuses don’t stack. However, in The Warren there is no such explicit indication.

Though we don't say it explicitly, I think it would be fine to have multiple people helping, and stacking the bonuses up to plus 3 (or minus 3), as per the rule above. Having all the rabbits joining their fates together supports the themes of the game, after all.

So, here you are saying that the maximum bonus stacked can be of +/–3, or that the stat summed up to the possible bonus cannot exceed the cap of +/–3?

Generally, I would usually limit stat+modifier to +/-4 just to keep all of the dice outcomes in play. There's no such thing as a sure thing.

* * *

The move innovate (p. 40) says:

On a 7+, work with the GM to write the move—it is now a Special move for the remainder of the game and your roll stands.

In our last session, we rolled a 7+ as a result and we created a new Special move in which you have to roll the dice. Our new move calls for a roll on Shrewd; therefore, the next time we will trigger it, we will roll the dice and sum the stat to them accordingly.

The question is: the first time you use the move, does the roll stand just as the dice are, or we should sum the proper stat to them, as the move now calls for?

Looking at the innovate text, we're not as clear as we should be, but the intent is that if the move you're trying to create involves a stat, say what that stat is and roll with it. Follow the fiction, and the advice of the other players, when you determine that stat. Don't use Strong when it should be Swift just because that's your PC's best stat.

Also, many of the character moves don't use stats, so that works for Innovate moves as well. For example, your new move might just let you know all about cars, giving rabbits Hold or +1 forward on another move involving roads.

* * *

The character move Seer (p. 96) says:

When you have a vision of things to come, ask everyone at the table to contribute a single word about your vision. Describe your vision, taking care to include those words. The GM may ask you additional questions about it and then they will incorporate your vision into the fiction.

Does “everyone at the table” include the GM? I think so but, you know, just to be sure…

And, then, a curiosity: have this move ever been problematic, in you experience?

For example, if the player describes a vision including actions which would have been taken by one of the other characters, I think it could be problematic.

How would (or did) you handle these occurrences?

Seer is intended to include the GM as part of everyone, but you can certainly do it however you like at your table. The GM will be involved in any case, as they help bring the vision to life.

I've only ever had Seer be a fun and interesting addition to a game. If it seems problematic, the GM can work with the player to make sure the vision is sufficiently vague and open to interpretation.

* * *

The rulebook, about Panicking (p. 42), says:

A panicked rabbit that is neither injured nor threatened will eventually regain their wits all on their own but not until the situation changes and the GM gives the all clear.

But the rules don’t say the Panic stat decreases, in this case. Is it intentional? Because, according to the rules, a rabbit at their maximum Panic rating should panic again.

What am I missing here?

A Panicking rabbit, in my experience, most likely needs help from another rabbit (using the Help move to reduce Panic) or they'll be harmed or killed. The rare occasion that their panic leads them to relative safety on their own means that they get to Relax, which will lower their Panic stat. Again, we could have been more explicit, but that's the idea.

* * *

About the default setting questions (p. 72) the rulebook says:

You needn’t ask all the questions but pick a couple from each category.

and, then, about the relationship questions (p. 73):

Pose relationship questions to individual rabbits and their answers can specify other PCs or NPCs. Take note of any new NPCs the players mention.

So, if my understanding is correct, the GM has to ask a couple of questions for each category, except for the relationship questions. In this case, I presume, they have to ask a couple of questions for each player. Am I right?

Questions are entirely up to the GM- which and how many you ask, whether you ask individual players or the whole group, it's up to you. This partly depends on how much time you have and how interested everyone is in this bit of stage-setting.

In convention games with five players, I might ask 10-15 questions, going around to everyone in turn, ending with situational questions- where are you? Why are you out here? What's about to eat you right now?

* * *

The move pay attention (p. 34) says:

When you give your full attention, roll+Shrewd. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. On a 6-, hold 1 but you open yourself up to danger. Holds may be spent, 1 for 1, to name a sense and ask the GM one of the questions below. The GM will tell you what your sense reveals; take +1 forward when acting on the answers.”

Can I roll the move, get a success, hold 1 or 2, and save that hold for a future moment in which the situation is significantly changed?

My guess is I can’t but, in this case, what’s the reason of the hold? Wouldn’t it have better to let the player simply ask the questions here and now, without any hold?

Another question is how do you manage the +1s forwards? Do they stake if I’m following more answers at once, or does the move give only a single +1 forward overall?

If I’m right here, we could also see following the answers as a kind of trigger for conditional floating +1s forward. I mean, the player would know that the first time they are following the answer they would get a +1 forward.

I would allow holds to stick around during a session and apply the +1 the first time they act in the information - they've already succeeded, no reason to take their success away. After that, I'd maybe leave it up to the GM's discretion based on how specifically the information is key to the fiction and how well the group remembers it.

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Re: [The Warren] Chiarimenti vari sulle regole e sul gioco

Messaggioda Gio » 08/02/2017, 16:25

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